Christie 2015 OctoberI

In my teens, I desired to serve God as a missionary. I did marry a minister and serving in churches and one year in Japan was very fulfilling. I later finished my degree and started teaching. This led me to a whole new world of ministry to students and their families. I also enjoyed singing on worship teams in churches I attended and teaching small groups, also.

Now that I have retired, I feel like I have reclaimed my life and enjoy writing, facilitating group studies, hospitality, and travel. Our latest travels led us to Costa Rica where we find that the fields are white for harvest. God has tugged at the hearts of my husband and me to return on a more permanent basis as soon as my son finishes high school.

This time of preparation and anticipation has been perfect for preparing our hearts and getting our paperwork in order. We are thankful to be useful for the Kingdom and our desire is to see God’s Kingdom here on Earth.

Another passion of mine has been to write down the many things God speaks to me about in a way that I could share with family, friends, and others like you who might be encouraged or interested. I started blogging in 2011 at http://www.redeemed-insandouts.blogspot.com.

Thank you for prayers and support for us as we make our move of faith. May God prosper you in mind, body, spirit, emotions, relationships, and material provisions.

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